We are uniquely positioned with over 18 years of experience in the internet service industry and providing network services to events of all sizes and locations.

It is this unique position that means we are involved at all stages of Microsoft tier one events, from initial site visits and evaluations of venue infrastructure, through to robust and resilient design of the onsite network and internet circuits. This ensures there are no single points of failure that will adversely affect the internet and therefore their high profile events.

We then deploy highly resilient infrastructure including routers, firewalls and switching hardware. The event is the monitored from our onsite Network Operations Centre ensuring that should a problem arise, our highly skilled engineers are alerted sub-second and can respond before a problem becomes critical. Throughout this time, always communicating with event management and business owners of any possible situation and resolution options before problems become attendee effecting.

In addition, we also build a separate and fully redundant ‘keynote’ network ensuring that any live demonstrations for the main keynote or general session could not be affected by any attendee.

With the large number of news networks, broadcasting across the US and overseas, we were chosen to provide internet access to this prestigious and important political event. We installed multiple short term contract gigabit internet circuits, including last minute circuits within one week of the additional bandwidth being agreed.

Our network team designed a fully resilient solution making sure of no single point of failure. The design looked at ISP, data center locations and building entry points along with ensuring that the onsite network was deployed in an N+1 configuration, meaning that no one factor could result in a total network failure. Bandwidth was then portioned out based on the individual requirements of the news networks allowing them to broadcast their footage. An attendee WiFi network was built using the same design ethos. This was set up as a separate network to the broadcast network ensuring accidental or malicious incidents would not interrupt the broadcast transmission.

Finally, our team set up an onsite Network Operations Centre near the main stage. They actively monitored all aspects of the event network for possible faults before they arose, meaning corrective measures could be made before any fault became service affecting.

The ‘Superbowl of the eSports calendar’ took place on August 3-8, 2015, with an $18million prize fund luring competitors from across the globe to the Key Arena in Seattle. Dota 2’s success this year has found it heralded as the highest profile eSports event ever hosted.

Dota 2 is a highly successful multiplayer online battle arena video game, developed by Valve, the American video game development and digital distribution company.

Two 10Gb circuits were installed as primary and secondary lines, along with a third 1Gb wireless solution. The core was designed to keep the real time gamers on one 10Gb circuit with back-office and attendee traffic on a second 10Gb circuit. Failover configuration allowed the traffic to automatically fail over from Circuit 1 to Circuit 2 or visa versa in the event that both 10Gb circuits were to fail then a truly diverse wirelessly delivered circuit would take over the essential traffic to ensure that the event has a successful outcome.

OptaNet provided all the core networking equipment including 10 Gigabit Cisco Nexus 3064 layer 3 switches and Cisco ASA security appliances. The network was deploy in an N+1 design ensuring that the network has no single point of failure.